January 15, 2018

Dear Diary, I got a call today. It was my father...I didn't answer, & he left a voicemail. Fair. I also haven't listened to the voicemail - and before this interaction I haven't talked to him in who knows how long because I really wasn't counting. Daddy's little girl grows up and still should be … Continue reading January 15, 2018


**Meet Justina**

Melanin On The Move


Some consider it a luxury, and others view it as an expensive hobby. I have to say that this is only partially true.

Yes there are some dream destinations that will cost you the price of a used car, but with the right planning (and budgeting), your next vacation may be a little more affordable than you thought.

And that’s why I, with a few other amazing ladies, decided to start this initiative!

I wouldn’t give myself the title of a well-seasoned traveler (even though many others have) but I have had my passport stamped enough times to provide some beneficial tips and tricks.

Also, we do plan and organize leisure and humanitarian trips for anyone who is interested; a great way to make some new friends, and possibly make a difference in a community somewhere around the world!

As a co-founder, my hope for this group is to…

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