March 12, 2018

Dear Diary,

Lately, I’ve had a topic that has been constantly on my mind and this topic has become quite the norm in today’s society: threesomes.

Yes, threesomes…this controversial activity that either you enjoy talking about or don’t. And not just addressing threesomes in their many forms, but rather addressing the ways that men are fascinated by threesomes, and the idea of girl on girl action with them put in the middle.

As we know men are known to be porn lovers and watchers…porn is where many of these men have learned the many tricks that they try in the bedroom and most of it is totally ridiculous. But threesomes have been around for a long time in the porn industry making it something men have been interested in a long time. Whether it is a threesome with two girls and one guy, two guys and one girl, or all girls or all guys it all happens one way or another in the world of porn.

So why are men so fascinated with threesomes and why has it become such a huge part of society?

Over the past few years, I have been asked to participate in a threesome many times on multiple different occasions, and most of these men that have asked me to join in are very experienced with this idea of a threesome. So I began to think to myself why is this such an important act to the men in our society, and instead of trying to figure it out myself I just asked men.

The first male I spoke to is a friend in the photography industry and spends most of his days just taking photos of women. When I asked him this question he told me that for him women are just naturally sexy and when its two women instead of one it means double the effects of everything. Double the moans, double the breasts and double you know what down there and for him that is an instant turn on. His take was that society has programmed people, in general, to think that threesomes are the “cool” thing to do making it on most people’s to-do list. Making it not necessarily the porn fantasy but rather just an overall rush for the male species.

I asked a colleague at work and he said that he had never had one before and doesn’t know if he would ever have one but he would love to, for him the idea of bringing two women instead of just one home was an instant turn on. Personally, I feel most men say they want a threesome but don’t actually want one, if that makes sense. I watched a show called Insecure and in one episode the main character brought home two girls from a party. He was instantly fascinated with what he was going to do with the women. But when they all got to the bedroom and were all kissing on one another, one girl pulled out the guy’s ‘stuff’ and he was soft and floppy which turned the women off and eventually they both left.

Can the excitement of two women possibly overwhelm the man to the point where he doesn’t even know what to do and becomes turned off because he is so stressed in his thoughts?

The idea of a threesome sounds fun, but is it really fun?

Threesomes are a lot of work and effort to put in. Keep in mind all parties have to please two people at the same time. Plus threesomes can essentially end up creating awkwardness depending on the crowd.

To me, threesomes create excitement for men and they most likely always will, but threesomes are not the fantasy they are played out to be in the movies or the porn websites. So next time your boyfriend asks you for a threesome, just remember he isn’t the only guy out there dreaming to have one.


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