January 14, 2018

Dear Diary,

Here is the introduction to my mini-series:

A Love Story : Fate

I remember it like it was yesterday. Two tag alongs “taking one for the team”.

It was Windsor Sports Weekend 2010; I’ve never really been a party girl and just the thought of partying all weekend night after night was already exhausting to me…but she begged.

My girl wanted to go so bad and she made one of our mutual friends come to my workplace and drop off the tickets. Once I had them in my hand I was like damn it’s really happening huh?

The day had arrived and it was time to make our way down there. But we had to make a pit stop first and pick up the ticket guy (rolls eyes).

On the drive there, the thought of just us three speeding to Windsor blasting music quickly turned to a four man trip with a new face I had never seen before. This tall dark skin beauty approached the car door before the ticket guy did and me and my girl looked at each other as if he was pulling the wrong car door. We didn’t know there was a plus one added, but he opened the door and introduced himself – shyly.

That was it, for me at least; he came out super clean and even though seemingly shy, pretty confident. Outfit on point. Hair cut on point. Everything was just gorgeous from his smile to his eyes.

His/our mutual friend (the ticket guy) finally comes out and I notice that this new guy won’t stop staring at me. Me being me asks “what? What is it.” He asks if I have a twin or a sister; assuring him that I am indeed the only me – he’s not convinced. He taps his boy as he drives and begs for answers.

“Yo is she lying?”

“It’s her sister don’t lie.”

As they attempt to speak in code I ignore it and continue to plot out my plan; how am I going to get this brother to really not forget me.

Our drive was long but entertaining…and then a light bulb comes on in my head.

After a few pit stops and seating arrangements, I asked to see his phone – I don’t remember what it was but it was trash. I used that to my advantage, taking the phone as if I’m inspecting it; wondering & stating out loud why would anyone get such a shit phone. He begins to tell me how amazing the plan is so he doesn’t care about the phone. I make a bold move; putting my number in his phone and texting myself so I now have his number in return. .. the deed is done! I return the shit phone and rag on it just a little bit more.

I guess this is where the ‘Love Story’ begins…

To be continued.



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