About Us

Meet Justina: outgoing, bubbly, with a kind hearted soul. Her educational background has earned her degrees in Psychology and Health Studies, but by trade, she works with and advocates on behalf of children and youth. Justina is an avid traveler, a business owner and is currently in the process of writing her first fiction novel.

Meet RebekaDawn: a kind hearted, spontaneous, hardworking (slightly crazy) woman who owns her own event planning company. Rebeka believes in providing safe spaces for Black folk to let loose, and be themselves. When she’s not creating some of the best parties the city has to offer, you can find her smoking that goodgood, spreading love + good vibes to anyone who needs it.

Meet Samantha: young, full of energy and motivation. Samantha studies political science in school and hopes to attend law school in the next few years. Samantha currently works in a bank and some of her hobbies include working out, cooking, and having a fun time with friends. In her leisure time you will find Samantha getting her nails or hair done as well as reading a good book.

Meet Zauna-Ann: a simple, adventurous woman with an open mind. Her belief is dealing with people according to the cards you are dealt. Despite that, she’s crazy, funny, loves to laugh, eat seafood and a huge fan of having a great time. She is currently in the process of becoming an entrepreneur in the crafts field.

Meet Tamara: a resident of Downtown Toronto; she’s Afro hip with a love for history of fashion, art, music and sexuality. Tamara is currently studying fashion management, with hopes to become a curator and teacher within the fashion and art industry. Her bizarre personality shines bright in every room she walks into, and is the true life of the party at every event she attends.

Meet Elesha: loving and full of positivity. She tries to uphold a naturalistic approach to life while maintaining consciousness about world issues. Elesha enjoys spending time with family, travelling, music, and art. She believes in the significance of education in all of its forms and advocates that we can gain the most enriching education from critically engaging with our world and the people in it.

Meet Tiffany: an upbeat Bahamian who loves fashion, dancing and socializing. She spends her time working full time in the hotel industry, studying Marketing and mentoring a young girl. Her favorite quote is ” You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone” – Maya Angelou

Meet Kadesha: a perfectly balanced extroverted introvert. Hardworking, fun and a little goofy. Lover of fashion, music and good company. Full of love and life and wanderlust. When she’s not at her full time job, you can mostly likely find her trying to perfect one of her many crafts. From making an outfit to slaying a hairstyle. Catch her as a soon to be business owner in the near future.