February 19, 2019

Dear Journal,

A few weeks back, I drove out to Georgetown to pick up my fiancée from work. I didn’t want her driving in the snow so I was her Uber for the day. Everybody knows the road conditions have been pretty bad due to the snowfall.

On HWY 410 as we were coming up to the Bovaird South exit, I could see an older model Toyota Corolla trying to bully his way into the lane I was in. The car pulls up beside me- mind you I already have my window down because anybody knows I’m with the shits.

In the car is a young Caucasian male and a female passenger of the same descent. The young man then yells at me to get into “my own lane”. He then starts shouting all kinds of profanities towards myself and my fiancée. With me, that is a line you don’t cross, don’t ever disrespect my lady. So I start shouting back naturally, and he proceeds to tell me to “go back to Africa you black nigger” and adds “your girl won’t be with you tomorrow, she will be with someone else”. This was over a stretch of about just over a kilometre at about 30 KPH in case anyone was wondering.

At this point I’m laughing. So I tell him to exit with me while gesturing to the exit. He continues shouting, but made the correct decision to keep it moving on the highway. My fiancée was upset and a bit afraid because she thought I was going to follow the car (I’ve done it once before).

The reason why I was laughing is because:

1. It’s not the first time this has happened to me and,

2. I know damn well he wanted no parts of any kind of smoke. It shows a lot about your character if you’re going to do that in a controlled environment, it’s easy to be bold when someone can’t justifiably punch you in the mouth. He wouldn’t repeat those sentiments if we were face to face. I put everything I own on that. The passenger looked shook, as if she knew he took it to far. I just think it’s a shame that he’s going to be mingling with people who look just like me after uttering that bullshit. I wish I had caught it on video so I could share it to be broadcasted on social media platforms.

I guess Karma will have her way with him. Right? It still bugs me because I’d really like the chance to confront the guy, but it’s messed up because if I was to defend myself or act irrational than I go from being the victim to being the aggressor even if I’m justified, due to my pigment being a few shades darker.

“Experience isn’t what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.”



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