February 4, 2019

Dear Diary,

Welcome to 2019…

Its been a minute since and I wanted to reflect on 2018…

2018 was a year of lessons and growth; I spent the year doing a lot of moving around between jobs and homes. It was such a huge stress and hassle, and I had to spend my birthday moving, but I was able to get myself settled and the next time I move, I will be making big moves.

Speaking of my birthday, it did recently pass in November and I spent it in The Bahamas for a few days. It was so short I didn’t even bother telling my family I was leaving the country.

Lets compare 2018 to 2017:

2017 I was extremely bitter as I had just left a very toxic relationship and in 2018 I sort of found myself back in the same hole with another man, but I was able to rise above it and choose what was best for myself and not allow it to suck the entire life out of me. This year I have decided to go back to in class classes at school rather than online as I have a much more steady work schedule.

I will also be focusing on growth, accomplishments and goal setting. This year my motto is “I bring the table” meaning I plan to bring all the tools I need to succeed on my own.

This year I plan to focus on Shea Butter Diaries and my new channel! Yes, after taking a vow to give myself a social media break I decided there was no need to go back to instagram, snapchat etc so I decided to make a Youtube channel where I showcase all my travel experiences. This year I hope to visit Cayman Island, Thailand, Cuba, Vegas, and hopefully some more US cities. There will be a birthday trip to make up for the disaster of a birthday I had last year so stay tuned! Here is the link to my first video!

I am so excited to continue my journey of self happiness, love and care; this year is all about me. No more men, family or toxic people getting in the way of my happiness.

 Until next time….



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