February 12, 2018

Dear Diary,

It’s Black History Month. It’s also Black Panther week, and I’m feeling excited…I think.

It’s so refreshing to see a major production film where people that look like me are represented.

And not in a plot that was taken from our history, or a comedy, or one that plays on any type of stereotype that we’ve been labeled with.

It’s finally happening!

Or is it?

There has been lots of talk recently about culture appropriation and capitalization on all that is ‘black’, so is it wrong for me to think that this is timed much too perfectly with the rise of everything melanin?

I’m definitely not complaining; I’m loving this. But the timing of the release, the specific cast that was selected; was this a calculated business move? I mean, the fact that pre-sales for tickets have sold out at many locations, and just the amount of talk surrounding the movie is good enough to judge how successful it will be (money wise of course).

Now, I’m not saying not to support the movie; please do. I know I am. We finally have something to be proud of; something to dress up and attend with family and friends. Something to discuss on social media for weeks to come.

And I know there are people who love comic books and are genuinely interested in the storyline…there are also many that are going to watch just because of the cast. But, even though the cast is all black, just remember who’s really sitting at the top and profiting the most…



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