February 5, 2018

Dear Journal,

“I’ll believe it when I see it”

Every single person has heard this saying before and generally are deceived like the rest of the masses into believing it’s true. The problem with this statement though, is that it places the person in a reactive as opposed to proactive place; a passive as opposed to an
active stance.

Sitting around waiting to see something to believe in…how pathetic.

I’m empathetic because I once was there. Putting myself in positions where I was dependent and reactive to some external stimuli to inspire belief and prompt me to powerful life change.

There is something out there that belongs to you, that has your name on it and you’ll never believe cause you just don’t see it. But why don’t you see it?

Would you rather be brain dead with eyesight or blind but with a powerful mind?

Obviously the latter. But why? (Its annoying to even ask) because we all know that what we see with our eyes is processed and understood because of our brains. You wouldn’t doubt that.

But something very similar to that is true, which is the fact that what we see is subjected to the interpretation of our mind. Two people can “look” at the same thing and both “see” two different things. Why’s that?

The mind.

How can you change your mind? Not in a superficial sense, but literally changing your mind, re-wiring your brain, establishing new habits…

Try this one simple solution.

Instead of thinking and saying “I’ll believe it when I see it” commit to this statement: “when I believe it, I will see it”



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