January 22, 2018

Dear Diary,

This blog post is long overdue but I have been so busy and haven’t gotten the chance to actually sit down and write about ending my 2017.

There has been so many ups and downs; in my last post I told you all about finally dedicating myself to a relationship, and that did not go as planned. This 2018 has me dedicated to doing what is best for me and to stop wasting my time on men that don’t put in the time for me.

Last year I started off as a full-time employee and full-time student- I think I was at home for 3 hours a day to sleep. Eventually, I realized that this was unattainable and went to school part-time, as I was in no rush to complete my degree. I got in a terrible car accident early 2017 and I am grateful to actually be alive today. The other driver T-boned my car and I was able to make it out with only minimal injuries. God has blessed me with a wonderful job, good friends, family and many travel opportunities. It has been a rollercoaster of successful and unsuccessful relationships but all experiences are for learning and never mistakes.

This year in 2018 it is about taking care of my mental health and well being. My physical health is fine being that I’ve dedicated my lifestyle to be healthy and happy, but my mental and emotional health is not and though this is extremely hard I am determined to get through it.

In 2017, a group of ladies and myself started Shea Butter Diaries and I am so thankful to be apart of that. Besides just the blog I was able to meet the wonderful ladies that are part of it.

I got to travel a lot. A few new places I added to my list are: New York, Los Angeles, and Dominican Republic. Traveling has been a huge part of my life and an outlet for escaping from reality in Toronto.

Though I have had to deal with some many bad experiences with men in my life through breakups, arguments and everything else possible, I am entering 2018 with a clear vision of what I want in a man and in my life as well as an understanding that I shouldn’t let any man take advantage of me under any circumstance. Life experiences are never a mistake but a chance to learn from. Though I may still be single I have no intentions to rush into anything at the moment.

Where does this leave me in 2018?

I continue to grow as a woman, further my education, and my career and be the best I can be. Education and intelligence in my opinion are the sexiest attributes women can carry. I plan to travel more and stress less; traveling will allow me to escape but also cross some countries off my bucket-list. Besides issues I can fix, some issues regarding my mental health I need assistance and thankfully I have my therapist to assist me with that.

In 2018 I will be stronger, better and more courageous. You can expect blogs from me this year pertaining to travel, health, exercise and some secrets it is time for me to reveal.

Enjoy the start of your 2018!



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