October 8, 2018

Dear Diary,

I would like to share a poem:

The Burden of Responsibility

I have dreams that I hope I follow

Responsibilities that keep me up at night

Lives of people not so shallow and

A prayer that I succeed with all of His might.

Visions I long to come true

Laughters I yearn to hear

Fear crippling my ability rings through

Sorrows and tears of men.

If I fail they drop

Out of the horizon out of the world

Laziness identified as the attempted curse

To rid my dependents of the ways of God.

Consistency is an enemy, not my friend

A fully budded rose, it’s thorns in my side

For keeping my words is discipline, and keeping my actions is health.

Remembering that all that is permissible is not good and all that is good is not necessary wealth.



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