December 1, 2017

Dear Diary,

Back in 2013, I traveled to the Dominican Republic. This particular trip has a special place in my heart because while there, I visited an orphanage and also went into a neighborhood to see some local families. 

I knew beforehand that I was going to interact with some residents of the country, so I packed a few things in my luggage: lunch bags, school supplies, travel sized toiletries…

As I passed out the items to the various parents and children, the looks on their faces and never ending wishes of gratitude filled my heart with joy. Something that I take for granted back home, made them feel as if they had won a jackpot. 

As a team, we would like to emulate this once more. The team is planning a trip to Antigua and Dominica, to bring supplies for nations that were hit hard by a hurricane a few months ago. We have teamed up with “I Have a Right Foundation”. We are funding the trip with our own resources, but we are also asking for donations (items or money) to help offset some of our costs. Any little bit helps! Follow this link for more info:

To follow up on that initiative, we’ve decided to start ‘SBD Cares’, a movement where we give back! Whether it’s locally or on a global scale, every month the Shea Butter Diaries ladies will perform a kind act out of love. 

We are accepting submissions for “wishes”. Let us know what your “wish” is (retail value $100 or less), and if chosen, we will fulfill it for you! Some examples of wishes include: a textbook for school, a new small home appliance, or a customs cake for a special occasion! To submit your wish, please email us at:

We are looking forward to this and hope you are just as excited as we are!



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