December 4, 2017

Dear Diary,

I can’t remember the last time I’ve updated you, but no time like the present.
Let me start by apologizing to my damn self, I haven’t let nobody down but myself. 

I’ve witnessed companies that were open before I was born CLOSE due to bankruptcy (like damn)! I’ve watched my mentors make mistakes…people will let you down. Does that mean you stay down?
I’ve had one of those days…I lie, weeks…still lying, months where I’ve sat down and asked “WTF?” and to be honest with you I’m having them more frequently than ever before and you know why? Because I’ve allowed sh*t to get out of control.
I can’t touch China from The Bahamas because my arms ain’t long enough.

I am not perfect…I’ve taken sh*t out on myself like I owe somebody. I’ve been analyzing things as if my life is depending on it.


If there is anytime to wake up it’s now, this very moment.

Don’t go higher than you can reach or lower than you’ve been and keep increasing your standards! 

Stop doubting yourself, stop taking on more than you can carry, go at your pace…f**k what others have to say. Perfect the foundation before starting the roof.
Listen, I’m a philosophy addict. I’ll say it because I believe it, and I make these things up like instantly!!

And…I know, I need to recharge my batteries…F*%k buy some new ones, START FROM SCRATCH!

Block out judgments, opinions and comments. I’m working on myself, for myself.  Find your balance, create some boundaries….”push yourself without pushing”.
If you ain’t ready to wake up, then don’t complain while you sleep.

I’m just saying!


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