October 13, 2017

Dear Diary,

So much has happened since I last shared with you. Despite me being confused in some areas of my life, I have made some really big decisions and I feel good saying I did it on my own. Over the years I’ve tried many attempts to make the move to stand on my own. Out of fear of failure, I’ve always backed down and not accomplishing what I need to. This has brought me on the road of self doubt without me knowing. While having a talk with my older sister after making some life changing plans, she made the comment “I knew you would do it…you need to stop DOUBTING yourself”. 

At that point it hit me. 

I’ve been doing this for so long that I lost that brave, confident, and ambitious attitude I had as a little girl growing up. 
Each year has 365 days and each day minds its own business by providing us with whatever is ordained by God. Now it’s my turn to take control of each day I am given by making the best of it. Challenging myself in all areas of my life will be something I will be doing. No more doubts! I must add that a friend of mine for many years has encouraged me by her actions in many ways. I tell myself if she can do it then I can do it. This is not from a negative aspect but it’s coming from a black woman who is encouraged by another black woman. 

The next few months will be my first challenge. Having multiple jobs is something I’ve done before but the difference with this is that I’m working towards a goal. 



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