October 29, 2018

Dear Diary,

I’m over this year.

Maybe it’s the sudden change in weather or maybe it’s because I don’t have any major events to look forward to for the rest of the year but I am over it.

People start reflecting on the year in December, but this year I’ve been reflecting every month. This year has actually been quite an amazing year for me. 

You see, in the beginning of the year I always write down a letter to myself and God of goals that I would like to accomplish for the year. For the first time, almost everything on my list has been accomplished and I’m beyond proud and amazed at my accomplishments this year.

I just came back from Paris and London which is its own whole story in itself, and that was the last major thing I really had planned for the year. Now I’m really just waiting for this year to be over to get a fresh start in 2019 and tackle my goals.

Should I be more optimistic or do I have the right to feel this way in October? I mean 2 months is still 60+ days and anything can happen during that time. So maybe I’ll have a different outlook tomorrow or next week or even next month but for now…. I’m over it.



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