September 25, 2017

Dear Diary,

I was watching a movie where this girl wanted to find true love. In one scene she asked her cheating boss why he cheats on his wife. His response was “she’s boring.” It was said that she’s a beautiful woman who praises and adores her husband. He went further to say, ” I love excitement, adventure, and being spontaneous.” The girl’s next question to him was, “Have you told your wife what you just told me?” He sighed and proceeded saying, “NO”. 

I shook my head in sadness. So many negative thoughts raced through my mind about what this man said. The fact that a man chooses to destroy his family by cheating, because he is not man enough to express how he feels and what he wants from his wife is very (fill in the blank…).

As an expressive woman, saying how I feel most times comes naturally. As for men, I believe that this stereotype about not being as expressive or sentimental is a load of “bollox” as the Brits would call it. Cheating is a form of expression isn’t it? It is also worth noticing that most of the individuals who engage in cheating, cannot handle being cheated on. FACT! 

The question still lingers, “why cheat, especially when you love or say you love the other person?” 

The hurt on their faces,

Tears filled the eyes of a lover,

Heart races, fist clenched ready to strike a blow,

They are both on the floor, knelt in a pool of tears,

The words WHY! WHY! echoes in the room,

As the “I’m sorrys” whispers in fear,

Hearts, trust, love, time, hills and valleys broken and tossed in the blink of an eye,

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and so was their love, 

But just like the city of Pompeii it got destroyed in just one day. 

Cheating hurts and it leaves wounds and scars that might never go away.



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