December 27, 2017

Dear Diary,

It’s December.

The month to relive, recollect and reflect on the past 52 weeks.

A month full of optimism and goal setting.

This past year, I’ve lost some people (figuratively and literally), but I’ve also gained some solid relationships; specifically the ladies of Shea Butter Diaries, and the ladies of Melanin On The Move. Without the love, support and encouragement from these special women, the last half of 2017 would’ve been a very dark time for me.

I’ve already proclaimed 2018 to be my Cardi B year; it will be the year I receive all my blessings for all the hard work I’ve been putting in.

I personally try not to live with regret because there isn’t anything that anyone can do to change the past. Instead, I like to look at the negatives and learn from them. The saying goes, “you live and learn” but someone once told me, “you learn and then you live” and that has resonated with me ever since.

I have lots in store for the upcoming year, and I will begin to share it with the world once each project is out of the planning stages and moves into the action phase.

I am speaking everything I need to happen into existence; I have planted the seeds in 2017, and I will enjoy the fruits of my labour in 2018!


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