Caramel, butter pecan, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, damn near white chocolate…whatever decadent words we use to describe the different shades of black women is represented in the team bringing you this blog. 

Through first person diary entries, our mission is to inspire and motivate women, people of colour, but most importantly, women of colour. We will post twice weekly; on Monday mornings to give you that much needed motivation to get through the work week, and on Friday mornings to provide that well needed boost to finish off the work week strong. Our various ethnic and cultural backgrounds will help to shape and provide diverse content that we hope will force you to think, question and then facilitate change beginning with yourself. 

This is a judgment free zone! If you are uncomfortable with a particular topic, please refrain from making any public comments that can be deemed hurtful or offensive by others. We do however, welcome and promote healthy debates. 

We hope we’ve provided enough background to persuade you to return, and we’re looking forward to debuting our very first diary entry on Friday! 

With love,

Shea Butter Diaries Team ❤


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